Continuing Education Units (CEUs)

CEU Overview

Many professions require annual continuing education units for certification. Graduate and Continuing Studies awards CEUs for all professional seminars. We can also provide credit for seminars which are customized for individual needs. CEUs are awarded to individuals for participation in organized non-credit activities that provide unified and systematic instruction for a set length of time, meet specific criteria, and are subject to goal achievement or participant performance evaluation. A permanent record of an individual’s CEUs is maintained for a minimum of seven years.

Many of the CEUs are offered through Graduate and Continuing Studies. Weekend courses offered at Shiloh and Crows Neck are available to elementary, middle school, and high school teachers. These classes are a short-term, three-hour graduate or undergraduate credit courses which focus on the structured inquiry approach to learning.

The Delta Area Association for the Improvement of Schools (DAAIS) offers CEUs to those interested in pursuing other courses outside of the Graduate and Continuing Studies. The DAAIS also tailors the classes to educators interested in a structured approach to learning. Information on DAAIS can be found at

About CEUs

The CEU is designed to facilitate recording, accumulating, and exchanging standardized information about individual participation and learning achievement in continuing education experiences. The CEU concept is designed to accommodate a wide variety of continuing education opportunities. The number of CEUs to be awarded can be determined only after the program or activity has been designed and the schedule has been established.

The CEU concept provides individuals with recognition for their efforts to update or broaden their knowledge, skills or attitudes. Probably the two most common uses of a CEU record or transcript by the individual learner are to supply an employer or prospective employer with information on continuing education and training experiences pertinent to professional competence and to provide documentation to registration boards, certification bodies or professional and occupation organizations of continuing education undertaken to maintain or increase professional competence.

What is a CEU

The CEU is a standard of measure of continuing education or training. The criterion was developed by the International Association for Continuing Education and Training (IACET). IACET defines the CEU “as 10 contact hours of participation in an organized continuing education experience under responsible sponsorship, capable direction, and qualified instruction.” In other words, one CEU equals 10 hours of instruction included in a specified continuing education program or activity.

Calculating CEUs

The 60-minute clock is used as the contact hour in all continuing education experiences. Only the number of complete instruction hours is considered in assigning CEUs. To determine the number of contact hours, count the hours in the program and subtract refreshment breaks, lunches, and other activities not directly part of the instructional experience. The following are not included when calculating the number of instructional contact hours for any continuing education experience:

  • Time for study, assigned reading, and other related activities outside of the classroom or meeting schedule.
  • Meeting time devoted to business or committee activities.
  • Meeting time devoted to announcements, welcoming speeches or organizational reports.
  • Time allocated to social activities, refreshment breaks, luncheons, receptions, dinner, etc. Time devoted to a luncheon or dinner presentation, integral to the continuing education experience, may be included in calculating instructional contact hours.
  • General sessions of meetings, conferences, and conventions. However, specially organized courses, workshops, or seminars held in conjunction with such meetings qualify.

CEUs are based on attendance, and attendance should be documented by such means as attendance rosters or sign-in sheets.

Eligible Programs

For a program to qualify for approval of CEUs at Delta State University, the request must include evidence that:

  • The program is responsive to an educational need of a specific target audience.
  • A statement of purpose and objectives has been formulated.
  • Instructional content is organized to meet the objectives and presented in a sequential manner.
  • There is provision for individual participant registration, which includes information for recordkeeping and reporting.
  • Suitable evaluative tools are employed whereby each individual participant is allowed to evaluate the program.
  • Time requirements are established.

Programs eligible for CEUs include, but are not limited to:

  • Continuing education programs for professionals; i.e. teachers, doctors, nurses, lawyers, engineers.
  • In-service training programs for specific target populations.
  • License renewal programs.
  • Seminars, workshops, or short courses for the general public.
  • Para-professional training programs.
  • Certificate programs.

CEUs are not approved for activities such as:

  • Social or athletic events.
  • Programs only casually related to educational objectives.
  • Programs that prepare participants to pass examinations such as those required for Certified Public Accountants, real estate licenses, the Graduate Record Examination, or others.

Online CEUs

You can now earn CEU credit through Computer-Based Instruction (CBI) courses designed with interactive instruction while focusing on teaching students with special behavior and learning needs. These professional development courses are written by top professionals and are fully accredited at Delta State University. These classes are completely self-paced and easy to use from your computer’s CD-ROM player and are offered at a pace that fits your schedule. You will be able to contact the instructor by telephone with a toll-free number or simply by email. These CBI courses are provided to you from your Virtual Education Software, INC. (VESI) and Delta State University awards the credit. To visit our webpage on the VESI site go to

Register by downloading, completing, and returning an application form by mail or fax to:

Delta State University Attn: CEU Online Course 239 Kent Wyatt Hall Cleveland, MS 38733 FAX: 662-846-4313

Online CEU Course Descriptions

For questions and more information contact us at

CEU Forms

The following are forms that can be used for CEU credits.

Request Form for Awarding CEU Credit
Participant Application for CEU Credit
Transcript Request Form

All forms should be sent to:

Continuing Education
Attn: CEU Credits
239 Kent Wyatt Hall
Cleveland, MS 38733

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