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Delta Dollars

To help students with documented financial need improve their economic situation by providing strategies for long-term savings behavior and helping pay for post-secondary education expenses.Program Description
Delta Dollars is an 8:1 matched Individual Development Account (IDA) program that helps Delta State University students build the financial assets they need to pursue a college education.
• Octuple your money!  Save up to $500 and we will match it with $4,000
• Learn about finances through financial literacy training
• Keeps you on track so you can graduate with minimal educational debt

Program Flyer

How it Works
Deposit $42 of earned income each month over 6-12 months into an Individual Development Account (IDA) once you have been found eligible by program staff.  We will match it at an 8:1 rate to help meet the goal of securing the funding for your post-secondary education.  Once you complete the requirements, we will deposit your savings money and the match to your student account to pay for tuition and fees (fall, spring, or summer) including undergraduate or graduate school at Delta State University.

Eligibility Requirements
• Must be a current full-time student
• Must be a U.S. citizen
• Current household income must be at or below 200% of the Federal Income Guideline based on family size (see chart)

2016 Federal Poverty Guideline

Persons in family/household 100% of Poverty 200% of Poverty
1 $11,880 $23,760
2 16,020 32,040
3 20,160 40,320
4 24,300 48,600
5 28,440 56,880
6 32,580 65,160
7 36,730 73,460
8 40,890 81,780

For families/households with more than 8 persons, add $4,160 to the 100% of poverty amount for each additional person.

Contact Information

Wendy Stevens
Program Coordinator
Phone: 662.846.4700

A grant from Assets for Independence (AFI), a program of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, funds approximately 50% of costs for this program. The remaining 50% is funded through non-federal sources. For more information about Assets for Independence, visit http://idaresources.acf.hhs.gov/.

Delta State University Foundation
Renasant Bank

Lampard’s Wholesale Meat, Inc.
No Way Jose

AFI IDA Eligibility Worksheet
AFI Pre-Screening Tool
DSU Student Business Services Resources
DSU Student Financial Assistance
Frequently Asked Questions
IRS Tax Exempt Bulletin
Delta Dollars I Pre-Assessment Questionnaire
Delta Dollars I Post-Assessment Questionnaire
Delta Dollars II Pre-Assessment Questionnaire
Delta Dollars II Post-Assessment Questionnaire

Volume 1, Issue 1


“This is a great program! I was able to stay on track towards graduation by attending summer school with the funds.  I learned a lot from the self-paced financial literacy modules.  If I had the opportunity to take part in this program again, I really would.” Gabrielle Windless, BSN Student

“This asset-building program assisted me with furthering my college education and provided me with resources to help me achieve financial freedom.  Growing up, I wasn’t taught about the various financial services banks offer.  The FDIC Money Smart Curriculum provided me with such information.  I am so grateful that I had the opportunity to participate in the program and volunteer in Cleveland-area communities.” Victoria McGee, M.Ed. Counseling Student

“I was able to invest in myself by furthering my education with the money I saved and the money I received as I match from this program.  It provided me with a way to pay tuition and purchase books.  I gained valuable insight on the importance of saving.  My financial situation has completely improvedsince I enrolled in and completed the program.  I would recommend this program to anyone who is eligible and is looking to improve their savings behavior while in college.” Samantha Phillips, MPAc. Student