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  Asset Building Community Service Health and Wellness
Assets for Independence-College Savings MSDC/AmeriCorps*VISTA Breast Education and Early Detection Project
Other Opportunities  

Partners & Funders

The programs at the CCED would not be possible without the support of our partners.

  1. Corporation for National & Community Service
  2. Black Aids Institute
  3. Bolivar County Community Action Agency
  4. Bolivar Medical Center
  5. Building Bridges, Inc.
  6. DSU College of Business
  7. DSU Golf Course
  8. Carson Consulting
  9. Central Mississippi Steel Magnolias Affiliate of Susan G. Komen
  10. Cleveland Park Commission
  11. Cleveland School District
  12. Coahoma Community College
  13. Community Students Learning Center
  14. Congressman Bennie Thompson District Office
  15. Corporation for National & Community Service/AmeriCorps VISTA
  16. Delta Democrat Times
  17. Delta Health Alliance/Indianola Promise Community
  18. Delta Health Center
  19. Delta Regional Medical Center
  20. Enterprise-Tocsin
  21. Faurecia Automotive Seating
  22. Greenville Arts Council
  23. Greenville Renaissance Scholars
  24. Gulf Coast Veterans Advocacy Council, Inc.
  25. Men of Valor
  26. Missisisppi Center for Justice
  27. Mississippi Commission for Volunteer Services
  28. Mississippi Department of Corrections
  29. Mississippi Engaged in Greener Agriculture
  30. Mississippi State Department of Health
  31. Mississippi Valley State University
  32. My Brother’s Keeper
  33. North Sunflower Medical Center
  34. Our House, Inc.
  35. Pam Chatman mentoring Program
  36. Renasant Bank
  37. Sunflower County Freedom Project
  38. Sunflower-Humphrey’s County Progress/Senior Companion Program
  39. Susan G. Komen Central Mississippi Steel Magnolias
  40. Tobacco Free Coalition
  41. The Cleveland Current
  42. The Bolivar Commercial
  43. Tri-County Agricultural Cooperative
  44. United Family Life Center
  45. United Healthcare
  46. U.S. Department of Human Services, Administration for Children and Families
  47. Walgreens
  48. Walmart
  49. Washington, Warren, Issaquena and Sharkey County Community Action Agency
  50. West Tallahatchie Parks, Recreation, and Tourism