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The Center for Community and Economic Development (CCED) was established in August of 1994 to create a proactive stance in the University to address major development issues facing the region. The CCED provides quality community service through management of resources and evaluation and support of grants and contracted services using highly credentialed teams of academic personnel and successful practitioners. The CCED pursues excellence in its programs and activities as it seeks to improve the quality of life for the citizens of the Delta. CCED staff believes in the importance of education and the power of all individuals, families, groups and institutions to act collectively to meet the needs of their communities


The mission of the CCED is “Building and Empowering Relationships that Strengthen Communities” through teaching, outreach, research programs, project management, and support services that utilize, expand, and deepen the human resource base primarily in, but not limited to, the Yazoo-Mississippi Delta. Primary personnel resources are faculty associates, Delta State and external academic faculty and staff, successful practitioners, external experts, and organizations capable of contributing to the achievement of the Center’s mission.



To fulfill its mission, the CCED works to fulfill five long-term goals via the achievement of objectives related to human resources, leadership, organization, community and economic development. Details regarding the goals can be found in the Strategic Plan.

  • To develop services and programs that maintain the identity of individuals, promote inclusion, and foster appreciation among all members of the University and the Delta
  • To provide technical assistance to organizations in the Delta
  • To revitalize communities by providing effective and efficient programs in community service
  • To build partnerships in the Delta that will foster a sense of community consistent with the Center’s mission
  • To establish formal collaborative relationships with other institutions to develop and implement applied research, educational programs and other public service activities in Delta communities


The CCED is located at 1417 College Street, Cleveland, MS 38733.