IRB Process and Forms

Faculty, student, and other persons conducting research in collaboration with Delta State must fill out the one page Request for IRB Clearance Form A. Required attachments include letters of Informed Consent and Assent, and copies of all surveys and questionnaires. For more information, see Criteria for Informed Consent and Assent Appendix A.

If an application is judged to have ‘minimal risk’ it will be classified as EXEMPT from further IRB review. For details, see Criteria for Exempt Status Appendix B.

If risks are considered greater than minimal, research may still be eligible for EXPEDITED REVIEW by three IRB members. For details, see the Expedited Review section of the IRB Policy.

If any phase of externally funded research, including the write-up, extends beyond one year, researcher will submit a Request for Continuing IRB Review Form B.

Research which does not qualify for EXEMPT status or Expedited Review must have a FULL IRB REVIEW. See Request for Full IRB Review Form C.