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Professional Development & Research

Dear Colleagues,

Welcome to the Professional Development/ Research Web Page of Delta State University. I trust you will find the information you need. You can use the links below to submit a professional development or research proposal and to examine the policies and activities of the Institutional Review Board.

Although Delta State University is primarily a teaching institution, we, as an academic community, recognize the importance of scholarship as a partner to effective teaching. Moreover, good teaching is largely influenced by the ability of faculty to remain current in their disciplines. Therefore, research and faculty & staff development are important, not only for professional development but as links to students. Take advantage of the opportunities provided by the University so we can best accomplish our university mission. Our students will be the beneficiaries.


                                                   Charles A. McAdams, Provost


Please study the following definitions  in order to make the correct selection from the three choices below.

Professional Development funds are awarded to faculty and staff members who want to enhance their role in the university.

Research funds are used to support research projects and for travel costs associated with making research presentations at conferences. “Research” is defined in the broadest possible sense, including all forms of scholarship expected of faculty.

The Institutional Review Board (IRB) must review all faculty and student research. In this context, “research” is defined as any study that has a formal research design and is intended for publication or presentation. When in doubt whether your project meets these criteria, contact the IRB Chair.