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Academic Advising

Engaged and knowledgeable academic advising is critical to the persistence and academic success of students. Advising should consist of a continuous dialogue between advisor and student and not merely periodic sessions for course selection and approval. When done well, academic advising aids students in their ability to plan and implement a program of study consistent with their goals, interests, and strengths. With this in mind, Delta State University is taking steps to establish an effective and efficient advisement process.

This academic handbook is only one step in many. It is designed to provide academic advising tips and a quick and convenient source of information and forms typically utilized during an advising session. While this handbook may be most useful to new faculty, it should also be helpful for more experienced advisors. The handbook will be updated continuously as the advising process is refined or changed. Any feedback concerning this document is welcomed. Comments and suggestions should be forwarded to the Academic Advising Summer Work Group.