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Local Service & Data Line Installation

Requisition Process
Requesting telephone local service or data line installation in a campus facility can be done by contacting the OIT @ 4444. The OIT Telecommunications Office will prepare a requisition and submit it to the requesting department for approval signatures. When the signed approved requisition is returned, installation can be scheduled. 

Installation and maintenance requests are evaluated by the OIT Telecommunications Office for the best configurations or modifications. The fees for installation and service are as follows: 


Installation of Phone or Data Line

One Time$ 125.00

Modification to Existing Phone Setup

Each Change $ 25.00

Local Service (Analog 500 Telephone)

Monthly $ 28.00

Local Service (Digital 2616 Telephone)

Monthly $ 42.00

Phone Line Extension

 Monthly $   7.00

Voice Mail

Annually $ 48.00

NOTE: All monthly charges are billed to the requesting department for the whole or remainder of the fiscal year at the time of requisition.

 OIT Help Desk 4444


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