Instructional Classroom Technologies

A “SMART Cart” is a mobile self-contained presentation system. These systems have been designed to house an array of presentation technologies which are connected to a single projection source mounted on the cart.

A standard SMART Cart setup contains the following:

  • Computer and Monitor (with DVD drive)
  • Mounted Data Projector
  • SVHS Video Player
  • External Speakers
  • Wireless Keyboard and Mouse
  • USB ports (for Flash Drive devices)
  • Additional hookups for a laptop

SMART Classroom 
A SMART Classroom is almost identical to a SMART Cart with the following exceptions:

  • The cart is tethered to the classroom via a cable that supplies power and connections for operation. The tether does not allow the cart to be removed from the classroom but does allow the cart some mobility within the classroom.
  • The projector is permanently mounted in the ceiling. This provides for a more unobstructed view of the screen and the larger projector is twice as bright as the projector on the SMART Cart.
  • Most SMART Classrooms are equipped with electric screens that are much larger that the pull down screens that are used with SMART Carts.
  • Traditonal (wired) Keyboard and Mouse.
  • Additional SMART Sympodium on the cart which allows the instructor to make drawings and have the image displayed on the screen.
  • A more powerful audio system and a ceiling mounted speaker.

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