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February Workshops

Along with the workshops listed here, Instructional Technology staff also provides regularly updated online tutorials for faculty and students which are available through the Help button in Canvas. Faculty and students are encouraged to enroll in the online training courses at their convenience to orient themselves to the system.  All events will be held in Bailey 114 unless specified otherwise.

Hands-on Workshops

Design & Deliver
About 65% of the population consists of visual learners. The visual elements in your course not only matter to learners, but can also affect how well they learn. In this workshop, we will explore graphic design tools, discover color schemata palettes, and implement organizational strategies to deliver content more effectively to your students.
Tuesday, February 17 – 9:00am, 3:00pm
Wednesday, February 25 – 9:00am, 2:30pm

Help Students Plan Ahead with a Custom Course Preview Page
Support students’ making a smoother transition to your course and save yourself time in explaining course basics. A course preview page is an excellent means for students to gain insight into course expectations, instructional methods, and course access information before getting started in the actual course. In this hands-on workshop, faculty will create a customized course preview page using the freemium Blogger tool and a best-practices preview template.
Thursday, February 12 – 2:00pm
Monday, February 23 – 3:00pm
Friday, February 27 – 10:00am, 2:00pm

Webinar Training Opportunities

“Salsa: An Open Source Application for Usable & Accessible Higher Education Syllabi”
Presenter: George Joeckel, Senior Instructional Designer, Project Manager, Utah State University
Tuesday, February 10 – 10:00am
Participants will have an opportunity to review best practices in creating usable and accessible higher education syllabi, discover how Salsa promotes usability and accessibility in higher education syllabi, and determine Salsa’s potential value for his or her learning context based on the value that Salsa is providing Butler Community College. Salsa is an open source web application for creating higher education syllabi. Salsa’s guided process creates HTML syllabi that meet ADA-requirements for online documents. The Fall 2014 pilot program supported 300+ instructors, and delivered online syllabi to 5000+ students.

George Joeckel is a Senior Instruction Designer at the Center for Innovative Design & Instruction at Utah State University. He is also the Project Manager for the Salsa project: http://salsa.usu.edu. A grant from the Utah Science and Technology Research initiative funded the project in August 2013.

“Entering the Matrix: Teaching to Multiple Intelligences”
Presenter: Maryann Whitaker, PhD, Adjunct Assistant Professor, John Tyler Community College
Wednesday, February 11 – 1:00pm
This fun and fast-paced session includes strategies for differentiating your instruction for your students of multiple intelligences. Learn about instructional strategies to accommodate the full range of abilities and intelligence in your classroom. Come away from this session ready to engage and motivate your students with some easy to implement strategies that lead to teacher and student success. Teach smarter, not harder.

Dr. Maryann Whitaker is an Adjunct Assistant Professor for John Tyler Community College in Richmond, Virginia. She is a Certified National Trainer in Differentiated Instruction (DI) for the Center for Teacher Effectiveness. She has used DI in her teaching for many years, and believes it should be practiced in every classroom.

“Vidopop: Today’s App for Tomorrow’s Learner”
Presenter: Marie Roberts, Director of Recruiting and Campus Life, Meridian Community College
Friday, February 13 – 10:00am
Complement your curriculum with the video messaging app Vidopop for a richer education experience. This video note and messaging app allows you to easily record and send videos with your mobile device to others, even if they do not have the app installed on their device. Explain your ideas easily with video and quickly send it to others, allowing you to personalize your curriculum. For students, it’s just like sitting side by side and looking over your shoulder. This session is geared towards individuals looking to implement useful communication applications both in and out of the classroom. Participants will be introduced to the Vidopop app and its uses for visual communication with tomorrow’s learner.

J. Marie Roberts has invested much of her career in higher education, with extensive experience in student services, programming, and educational technology. She is the director of recruiting and campus life at Meridian Community College, where she focuses on holistic student development and diverse programming.

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