Be S.M.A.R.T. Online

Security Management Actively Reduces Threats

In today’s world, it is critical that everyone have a basic understanding of cyber security tips and tricks and how to protect themselves and their workplace while working online.  The Office of Information Technology works with many areas on campus to increase both awareness and security efforts.  As part of our ongoing efforts, OIT has developed the Be S.M.A.R.T Online Campaign.  As part of this effort, OIT staff members are available to speak to your organization or group to help raise security awareness and how to protect yourself online.  In most instances, security risks are brought on by the desire for individuals to be helpful and by a lack of understanding of what criminals can do with even the slighest bit of information.  These interactive sessions are designed to cover some of the security areas theives target most frequently. 

Cyber Security Awareness for Faculty & Staff – A fun and informative session on how to reduce your risk online, including some real-life scenarios and how to better identity phishing attacks. 

Cyber Security Awareness for Students – An interactive, fun, and informative session on what you need to know to protect yourself and your identity online.  Special attention will be given to social networking sites and some of the inherent risks that you should be aware of before you update that profile!

Topics covered include:

  • Dangers of file downloading – legal ramifications and security risks
  • Protecting your Identity – don’t share that password!
  • Physical dangers – jump drives, shared spaces, public resources – what happens to your trash when it leaves your house?
  • Online dangers – do you know who is checking your status? 

If you are interested in hosting one of the sessions below, or you would like a session to host a section targeting specific areas, give us a call at 662-846-4760 or sent use an email.   

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