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Staff Council Standing & Ad Hoc Committees


The Standing Committees of Staff Council shall be: Executive; Incentives and Recognition; Projects; Salaries and Benefits; Staff Development.

A.       Executive: Maintains and oversees the operations of the Administrative Staff Council. Provides guidance, proposes agendas, and maintains a professional stance on providing timely responses to issues of concern for all staff members.

B.       Incentives and Recognition: Oversees and provides incentives and recognition to deserving staff members. Included but not limited to, Employee of the Month Award, Smile on You Award, Years of Service Award.

C.       Projects: Oversees and organizes stewardship projects hosted by the Administrative Staff Council. Included but not limited to, Thanksgiving Feed a Family, Christmas Adopt a Child, Staff Development Day Picnic.

D.       Salaries and Benefits: Oversees and organizes methods to provide alternative non-monetary benefits to staff and research potential opportunities for salary growth for all employees.

E.        Staff Development: Oversees and organizes professional development opportunities for all staff. Included but not limited to, various workshops and staff development day.


2013-2014 Committee Chairs

Executive: Robin Boyles

Incentives and Recognition: Bert Herbison

Projects: Justin Chandler

Salaries & Benefits: Jordan Thomas

Staff Development: TBD

 Maintained by: Staff Council.