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Staff Council Employee of the Month Online Nomination

 If you are using a public computer you will need to open up your email program (such as yahoo, gmail, or some other email provider) and send an email to ejones@deltastate.edu to nominate someone.

Name of Nominee:
Nominee’s Email Address:
Nominee’s Supervisor’s Name:
Nominee’s Supervisor’s Phone:
Nominated by:
Your Email:
Date Submitted:

Briefly describe why you think the nominee merits being named Employee of the Month based on initiative, job knowledge, customer service, communication skills, professionalism, and any other relevant criteria. Nominations should include specific examples of the nominee’s service to the university above and beyond his/her regular job description during the current month.



*Nominations must be submitted by the 20th of each month to be considered for that month.


*The nominee must be a level 9 or below full-time employee who has been employed at DSU for at least one year and could not have received the award within the last three (3) years.


*If nominee is not selected, they must be re-nominated to be considered in the following months.


*ANYONE can nominate an employee for Employee of the Month!