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Residential Halls Technology

  Unauthorized Wireless Access Points are prohibited on Campus

To protect the security and performance of the campus network, unauthorized wireless access points are prohibited on the Delta State campus. Unauthorized and improperly secured wireless access points can compromise the security and performance of the campus network. These devices provide easy access for intruders to steal passwords, destroy data, and use University network and Internet resources for unauthorized purposes. Additionally, when these types of devices are connected to the network, legitimate devices will begin to experience connectivity issues resulting in slow or unavailable services, including email, network access, and printing. These devices can have serious repercussions in residential halls, computer labs, offices, and all other campus locations.

The University has invested considerable monies to ensure that everyone has a safe, secure, and fast network connection. If an unauthorized device is connected to the campus network, OIT will immediately shut down the network connectivity to the device and contact the respective owner. The network port will not be reactivated until such time that the device is removed from the network. OIT appreciates your assistance in ensuring that a safe, reliable network is available for all of the campus community 24/7.

Wireless Service Available in the H. L. Nowell Union 
Wireless network connectivity is available in the Union! More locations will be deployed as funding cycles permit.

Internet Connectivity -All residence halls, with the exception of Hill and Cafeteria apartments, have Ethernet connections in the rooms.  There is one Ethernet port per pillow.  To connect to the network, you need an Ethernet cable (can be purchased at local stores or the campus bookstore) and your computer.  The Ethernet jack is slightly larger than the phone jack in the room.  Simply connect your computer with the accompanying cable to the appropriate jack.  If you have problems, please call the OIT Help Desk @4444.

Residential Computer Labs -Most residential halls include computer labs that can be used by authorized students.  These facilities are under the supervision of Housing officials and use is under their discretion.  Abuse or misuse of the equipment in these facilities will not be tolerated. 

Never save your data on a campus computer.  Under no circumstances should you save your data on campus publicly accessible machines such as computer labs.  The data on these machines can be removed via a number of methods and could potentially wind up in the wrong hands.  Whenever a public machine, like a lab machine, is restarted, it will remove any data that has been saved on the machine.  If you save your project, whether a Word document or an extensive Digital Photography collection on a campus computer, that data is not secure and will be removed from the machine upon restart. 

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