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Grant-funded Projects Implementation Process

Project Director’s Toolkit

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Notification and Announcement of Award
Establishing Funding Account
Institutional Review Board
Human Resources
Student Workers
Equipment Purchase
Time and Effort Reporting
Reporting Requirements
Budget Revisions
Continuation Applications
Completion of Grant

Notification and Announcement of Award:

The Project Director is responsible for the following:

  • Ensuring that the award/contract is fully executed prior to implementation of a project.
  • Send copy of award letter to the Office of Institutional Grants.
  • If the approved budget is different than what was submitted with the application, submit revised budget with copy of award letter.
  • Contact Communications and Marketing in the event that an announcement or press release is warranted.
  • Ensure that the appropriate Dean, Department Chair, and/or other University official is notified of the award.

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Establishing Funding Account:

  • The Office of Institutional Grants will ensure that the Finance Office receives a copy of the award and budget.
  • The Finance Office will establish a fund number and fund accounts and will email the Project Director and Department Chair the account information.
  • Upon receipt of the account information, the Project Director should contact Kimetria Parks (x4006) to review and discuss the budget information and, specifically, how the DSU budget line items align with the grantor’s budget categories.
  • The Project Directors should manage their budget by keeping a worksheet separate and apart from Banner.
  • All external funding awards are to adhere to the approved Restricted Funds policy.

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Institutional Review Board:

  • All grant-funded projects must have a Request for IRB Clearance Form on file. This Request must be submitted by the Project Director to the IRB Chair, Dr. Beverly Moon. No research involving human subjects can begin without clearance. Since the majority of grant-funded projects require some form of evaluation involving students, project directors are to submit the Request form upon award notification.
  • Submit a copy of the approved request to the Office of Institutional Grants.

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Human Resources:

  • Complete and submit to Human Resources an Employee Action Form for each faculty/staff that will be funded either in full or in part by the grant or contract, indicating a status change of redistribution of funds.
  • For new hires, complete and submit to Human Resources an Employee Requisition Form along with a job description and a request to advertise position.

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Student Workers:

  • All student workers must complete W-4 and I-9 (Employee verification) and state tax forms.
  • All forms must be signed and dated the same day.
  • Submit forms with two forms of ID to Donna Fitzgerald, Kent Wyatt 212.
  • No one is eligible to begin working until the payroll department has e-verified them, which must be done within three days of signature date.
  • Project Director must ensure the org and fund numbers are on the forms submitted to Payroll in order for the grant to pay for the student worker.
  • Graduate Assistants can obtain the necessary paperwork through the Graduate Studies office.

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  • In the event that a portion of the grant award will be subawarded or that a consultant will be engaged, there must be a document in the form of a Memorandum of Understanding or contract in place prior to any invoices being paid to the contractor. The Office of Institutional Grants can assist the project director with the appropriate language to use in developing the contract document. It is the responsibility of the project director to negotiate the terms of the contract.
  • This document must be approved by Beverly Lindsey in Purchasing and must be signed by at least one of the following: the President, Provost, Vice President of Finance and Administration, or the Director of the Office of Institutional Grants. Per University policy, only those listed have the authority to enter into contractual agreements on behalf of the University.
  • It is the responsibility of the project director to obtain the signatures of the contracted party.
  • The project director must submit a fully executed agreement to Kimetria Parks in the Finance Office.
  • The contractor/consultant should submit invoices to the project director. The project director completes a purchase order and submits the invoice along with the purchase order to Vickie Williams authorizing payment. Attach a copy of the signed contract with each requisition.
  • Payment can be made only after work is performed unless otherwise agreed upon.

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  • Funds expended from grant budgets are subject to state procurement law and university policies.
  • Submit invoices and travel authorizations to Kimetria Parks and she will ensure that it is then submitted to Purchasing. Ensure that the Org and Fund numbers for the grant funds are on the Purchase Requisition.
  • Provide the same documentation as required for any university purchase.

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Equipment Purchases:

  • Follow DSU procurement guidelines for all equipment purchases. These can be found under Procurement.
  • For technology purchases, contact OIT to obtain bids on computer equipment.
  • Submit a purchase requisition with the bid to Kimetria Parks in the Finance Office. This must be approved and signed by the Department Chair, Dean, and Provost.
  • Upon receipt of the equipment:
    • Contact Purchasing for the assignment of an inventory number to the equipment.
    • Write the inventory number on the purchase order that you submitted and was returned to you with signature approvals.
    • Attach the invoice (that should have come with the equipment) to the purchase order and submit to Vickie Williams in Finance.
    • Vickie will ensure that the invoice gets paid and then submits for reimbursement from the funder.

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Time and Effort Reporting:

  • Used to track time and effort applied towards grant funded projects and to document time designated as ‘match, inkind or cost-share’.
  • Project director lists all faculty/staff time and effort applied towards project.
  • Faculty/staff initial next to their name.
  • Project Director obtains signatures and submits to Kimetria Parks to be filed.
  • Complete and submit this form quarterly.

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Reporting Requirements:

  • It is the responsibility of the project director to prepare and submit quarterly and/or annual progress reports as required by the funder by the due date requested.
  • Submit a copy of the report to the Office of Institutional Grants to be kept in the grant file.

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Budget Revisions

  • It is the responsibility of the project director to stay apprised of the project budget and manage the funds according to the approved budget and the funder guidelines. For federal funds, the University must abide by the Cost Principles for Educational Institutions, also known as Circular A-21.
  • Most funders recognize that unanticipated costs and expenses necessitate a budget revision and have a process in place to provide approval for such to occur. The project director should be familiar with the process of the funder for submitting a request for budget revision.
  • The Office of Institutional Grants can assist in preparing the request and submitting it. Oftentimes, the funder (such as IHL) requires the request to come from the Office of Institutional Grants.

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Continuation Applications

  • Continuation applications for funding follow the same approval procedures as initial grant applications. Continuation applications must be submitted to the Office of Institutional Grants along with an Internal Approval Form and must be approved for submission for subsequent years of funding.

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Completion of Grant

  • Within 60 days of grant completion, meet with Kimetria Parks regarding the final financial report, the spending of remaining funds, and any possible carryover of funds.
  • Submit all invoices ASAP to ensure payment before the final financial report is due. Contact telecommunications, post office, copy center, and facilities management for final charges.
  • If grant will be re-funded, change the Post Office slips to indicate the new grant’s fund number. In addition, contact telecommunications and the post office to inform them to discontinue the use of old fund number and give them the new fund number to begin using.
  • Submit a copy of your final progress report to the Office of Institutional Grants.

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Robin Boyles, Director
Office of Institutional Grants
662-846-4804 office
662-846-4025 fax

Kimetria Parks

Accounting Specialist
Office of Finance and Administration
662-846-4006 office